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Should I get more than one bid?

You need to get as many bids as you feel comfortable with. One of the purposes of getting more bids is so you can have something to compare with. You need to know that the company you want to use is giving you a fair price. A fair price is not always the lowest price. There is a lot more to a project than just the price. The internet has also become a great tool to research cost of projects. Always do your research that way you know what you are getting into.

Should I get references?

It would be a great idea. I would. Here are some questions to ask. Please be polite.
  1. Did the contractor complete the project in a timely manner?
  2. Were the workers polite and try to work with you?
  3. Did the contractor suggest things to you to help improve the project?
  4. Did the cost come within what was projected? If not, was the original plan changed? (Was more work or material added. If so the contractor would have to charge more.)
  5. Would you recommend them?

Can I do some of the work myself?

Most contractors don't like this question at all. The project is a reflection on the contractor. People always ask who built your home, or who did your remodel. Then they say "How come the tile is all crooked"? If you did the tile work are you willing to say, "Well I'm the one who did the tile work and messed it all up". The contractor has a responsibility to protect his reputation. Taking this into consideration we have felt it a pleasure to work with our customers and help them to do what ever part they would like to do. We will teach them how to do things, but there is a cost. Our time is valuable just as yours is. We understand that budgets are tight. But it is often cheaper to step back and let the professional get the job done.

Do you charge for estimates?

"Quick and Simple" estimates are never billed. In fact most estimates are not billed. If however we are hired to create a detailed estimate with sub-contractors names and prices so that you (the owner) could contract with the sub-contractors then this would be a billable job. If we are then hired as the general contractor to complete the project, this bill will be credited to the job.

Do I need to move out of my house during the remodel?

That's up to you. We will do our best to protect your home from dirt and dust, and keep the house with water, and electricity. The problem comes when we do a bathroom remodel and you only have one bathroom, and you don't want to use a portable project toilet. Or a kitchen remodel can be tough if you don't want to go out to eat more than your use to.

How soon do I need to pick out the products and finishes?

In order to get the project bid out properly we need to decide what most of those things are before we start the project. If you want a solid gold kitchen faucet and we have budgeted a chrome one, you can see the problem. We understand that this is a huge task and we work with our customers. In order to stay on time and budget most things need to be decided up front.

What is a change order?

A change order is written when there needs to be a change made to the original contract. A change order can be for a specification change, or schedule change. If you have come to us and need the project time frame speeded up because you want it done faster, we have to hire more people etc.. We then would have to charge a fee to pay for these people, overtime etc.. If you come to us and want to change a window from one wall to another and we have already built the wall, or installed the window, then it takes a lot of time and materials that would cost money.
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